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We turn your photos into a wonderful mosaic!

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Our team will expertly optimise your selection of photos to make sure you get the very best photo mosaic. All of our mosaics are true mosaics and we will analyse the colours of your photos to determine their best position with minimal colour change. This gives you the best balance between the overall photo and still being able to see the individual tile photos in the mosaic.

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What is a photo mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a unique large picture made up of lots of smaller pictures. Here at Mosaic Photo, we specialise in making beautiful true photo mosaics. Creating the best photo mosaic can take a lot of patience and a keen eye for detail.

Each of our mosaics are given a lot of care and attention and we promise to keep on working on your photo mosaic until you are completely satisfied. No two photo mosaics are the same and you will often have a preference on small variations such as the smaller photos inside the big pictures sizes.

Our photo mosaics are made by real people and your order will be processed by one of our team, only once they are satisfied with their work will we send you a preview of the mosaic. We do not auto-generate and we care about our service.

What is a layered photo mosaic?

Our unique layered photo mosaics you won't find anywhere else. For these mosaics we will carefully remove the background of your chosen main photo and turn that background into the mosaic photo - please take a look at our mosaic examples.

We do all the photo editing so you don't have to and expertly remove the background of your photo ready to build the photo mosaic. We think our layered photo mosaics are pefect for weddings.

How can I get a photo mosaic?

Let us do all the hard work for you. Simply place your order with Mosaic Photo and select how you want your photo mosaic to be printed, then send us your photos and we'll get to work! We'll send you a preview of your mosaic when we're happy you'll love it.

We offer a range of print options including gloss photo and stretched canvases. Take a look at our prices page to find out more about Mosaic Photo and how you can get your own photo mosaic.

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